Westford Cemetery Tour of the Revolutionary War Veterans and Civilian Casualties

Use these exhibits for an online or self-guided tour of Westford Revolutionary War Patriots in Westford cemeteries. Click a button below to choose one of these exhibits. Visit the Fairview … Read more »

Take a stroll through historic Westford Center with Kate Hamlin and Fred Fisher

Step back in time and start your audio tour of historic Westford Center as it was prior to the Civil War.  Your tour guides are Kate Hamlin (1847-1937) and Fred … Read more »

A Self Guided ARTIST TOUR of the David P. Christiana SCULPTURES in Westford Center

Welcome to the Westford Historical Society’s self-guided 45-minute Artist Tour of the David P. Christiana’s Sculptures in Westford Center. Start your tour at the Westford Museum (2 Boston Rd.), Follow … Read more »
Photo of the Parish Center for the Arts and the First Parish Church

A Tour (Virtual) of Westford with Saniya Choudhry and Irene Zheng Take a virtual historic tour of Westford and its Villages. Each of the villages are unique and have their own rich history. Your tour guides are interns at the … Read more »

Traveling Down Route 110 (Littleton Road) with Geoff and Bob!

A new Westford history film documentary. “Traveling Down Route 110 (Littleton Road) with Geoff and Bob”. There’s an amazing amount of history to be found in the four miles along … Read more »

Welcome to the 3rd Grade Virtual Tour of the Westford Museum

In September 1729 a town rich in history and full of beauty was established. It was dotted with trees and hills, brooks and ponds. These were simpler times when fewer … Read more »

Graniteville, Massachusetts- A Walking Tour with Geoff Hall and Jim VanBever Walking or Driving Tour Map with numbered key Graniteville Map KEY Bolded numbers are found on detailed map below Town Farm 1838, 35 Town Farm Rd. Stone Arch Bridge … Read more »

Kate Hamlin’s (Ellen Harde) 1919 Walking Tour of Historic Westford Center

Kate Hamlin (Ellen Harde) invites you to tour Westford center with her. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see. What was Westford Center like in 1919? Kate Hamlin’s (Ellen Harde) … Read more »
Photo of 4 Graniteville Road before restoration

Atwood/Millet/James House Tour photos

The old Atwood Family safe The old Atwood Family safe still sits under the stairs at 4 Graniteville Road. Thank you to all who came to experience the beautiful restoration … Read more »