Future of the Museum

The museum would not survive if it had nothing to exhibit. So please think about donating or loaning your historically significant Westford artifacts: photographs, pictures, letters, clothing and tools. If you prefer, we can scan photographs and return them to you.

The Museum presents two to three major exhibits each year along with several minor displays, which explain the history which influenced the wealth, communications, population and landscape of Westford. Your contributions of items related to these exhibits are always appreciated.

Some things are free – and priceless! Your memories of Westford’s yesterday shared with its residents of today are invaluable. Contact us to arrange an interview.

Museum Restoration Project

In July of 2011, the Westford Historical Society, working with Conservation Assessment Program (CAP) grant money from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Heritage Preservation, hired the firm of Finch & Rose to assess the physical condition of the museum buildings. The objective of this effort was to achieve a historical structure assessment enabling the museum to pursue grant resources that would ultimately provide the necessary funds to help grow our museum’s value to the community. For two intense days, Bill Finch, explored the nature and condition of our two buildings. He scaled ladders, removed clapboards, and examined masonry, roofing, trim, exterior paint, windows, doors and structural framing from the basement to the cupola. The assessment of the buildings was documented by a 64-page report that provided a prioritized list of recommendations for remedial action, supported by demonstrative photographs.

The Finch & Rose report became the basis for the Town’s engineering department to establish a restoration project. The justification for this preservation stems from the fact that the museum building once housed the Westford Academy from 1794 to 1897, when the Academy moved to the new Roudenbush building. Our building is one of a very small number of surviving original school buildings in the United States.

In September 2012, the Westford Historical Commission sponsored a 3D scan of the Museum building. Photos and a simulated fly-through can be viewed on the WHC website.

The architectural firm of Adams & Smith developed museum restoration plans. The plans were approved and submitted to contractors for bidding. With bidding results in hand, the matter was submitted to Town Meeting for approval where it was approved!

Additional information on the WHC’s work can be found on their website. Additional information on CAP is available from Heritage Preservation.

The restoration project prepared the museum for many more years of telling Westford’s historical stories through our exhibits and archives.