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The Great New England Hurricane

The Great New England Hurricane of 1938

Section headings were based on actual news headlines about the natural disaster. The captions were based on the text either written on or with the photos. Further text written as

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On the Farm

Westford Then Now Tomorrow

Connect the past, present, and future of the town!​

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The Many Colors of Westford Academy

The Many Colors of Westford Academy Originally Exhibited as The Other Colors of Westford Academy in mid to late 2019 Westford’s high school colors were not always maroon and grey (and

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Past Eateries of Westford

Originally Exhibited Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Westford saw many restaurants come and go. These eateries came in all sizes, while they were sometimes frequented more for atmosphere than their

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Westford Schools 1780’s to present

Five school districts were established in 1787 with schoolhouses in each district.  New districts were added in 1806, 1822, and 1826.  Westford Academy was incorporated in 1792, and a two-story

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Fire Companies of Westford MA Westford Historical Society’s 2005 Calendar researched and created by Marilyn Day, Wesyford Town Historian  (2005) Slideshow, Alina Jeng, Westford Historical Society Intern (2020) The Center Fire Station  This fire

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Women’s Rights in Westford

Women’s Rights in Westford timeline 1780                   Massachusetts State Constitution restricts voting to males only but omits “male” as a qualification for holding public office. 1819                   Susan Prescott becomes the

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The Atwood-Carlton-Millett Family

The Westford Family lived in town starting in the 1880s. Having left their mark on local medicine and art, members of the family lived in town until 2007.

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Image of Muni Quip Radar unit

Constables to Cruisers

Mini Quip RadarOctober 2012 – February 2013

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