A Tour (Virtual) of Westford with Saniya Choudhry and Irene Zheng

Take a virtual historic tour of Westford and its Villages. Each of the villages are unique and have their own rich history. Your tour guides are interns at the Westford Museum, Saniya Choudhry and Irene Zheng with film editing assistance of Nick Godfrey of Westford CAT. The Tour of Westford was designed as a driving tour as part of the town of Westford’s 275th anniversary in 2004 , today we offering it as a virtual tour.

You can learn more about Westford History and visit the Westford Museum, Sundays 1-3pm. Thank you for joining us on this tour of Westford!

Filming, pictures and narration: Saniya Choudhry and Irene Zheng
Drone footage: Chris MacDonald, MacDonald Drones
Additional pictures from the collection of the Westford Museum and Historical Society