Where in Westford is it? with Geoff and Bob

Where in Westford is it? Is a new Westford Museum series with Geoff Hall and Bob Spinozzi. Each month Geoff and Bob will investigate, examine and share the stories of … Read more »

Tour of the Revolutionary War Veterans and Civilian Casualties buried in Fairview Cemetery, Westford MA

The tour shows Westford Revolutionary War Patriots’ names on a map. Clicking a map marker shows a picture of their tombstone in Fairview Cemetery and additional information for the selected … Read more »

Bob Oliphant’s Weekly Westford Wardsman Podcasts

Listen as Bob Oliphant shares the weekly Westford news plus bonus information of Westford and our residents from over 100 year’s ago. The Westford Wardsman was published weekly as part … Read more »
Image of a 1921 Tax Payment Bill

Our Online Collections

The Westford Historical Society’s collections are now searchable via PastPerfect On-Line. Use keywords or advanced search.Read more »