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Westford Notable of the Month Father Bobby Wall (1931-1992)

By James VanBever Today, the Little League baseball field in Graniteville features well-groomed baseball and softball diamonds that are well lit so that boys and girls can play at night.

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APPLE BLOSSOM FESTIVAL 1936, Knpobo, Cradle Flower

        Cradle Flower Mary Lou Schlosser MAY 16, 1936 (Photograph by Charles L. Hildreth) Among the hundreds of photographs from the Charles L. Hildreth collection, we have

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Notable of the Month- May Emma Day (1890-1973)

    If you were ill or lacked transportation during the early part of the 20th century and needed a book from the J.V. Fletcher Library, the librarian would often

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“The Hartford’s of Westford” George and Alfred

Over the years, Westford has had many citizens who have made positive contributions to their community. George Hartford and his son Alfred were two of these people. During the early

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Earle Williams (1902-1988)

Earle Williams Sells Fudge in Littleton Area Littleton- HEAVY CREAM – HOMEMADE FUDGE that’s what the four cornered sign says atop of the car usually parked at Littleton Common on

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Paul F. Bohenko (1935-2001) 

“The Jockey from Forge Village”  By James VanBever   Many people may have visited the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, New Hampshire, and not known that it was once the

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Charlie Hildreth, Town Clerk. (1879-1968)

By James VanBever     Charles Lewis Hildreth was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts,  on June 15, 1879. His parents were Charles Willis Hildreth and Lucy Maria Colburn. The house in Cambridge where

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The Black Knights of Westford Academy

Before Westford Academy was known as the Grey Ghosts or later as simply the Ghosts, they were known as the Black Knights. The Academy was only called the Black Knights

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Pvt. Oliver Barrett (1726 -1777) Memorial Dedication, Saratoga National Cemetery

Wednesday October 19, 2022. Oliver Barrett’s 5th great granddaughter, Ann Washburn Lord and her husband David Lord  with the New York Army National Guard Soldiers memorialized a Revolutionary War soldier

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