Traveling Back Down Route 110 (Littleton Road) with Geoff and Bob!

In 2011 Westford residents Newell Tillman and Geoff Hall, and Littleton resident Bob Spinozzi chronicled how businesses sprouted through the years along the Route 110 stretch from Littleton to Chelmsford. Eleven years later, Geoff and Bob teamed up again in a 2022 documentary of the further development and history of Littleton Rd.

Pictures, maps, and so many stories tell the tale. Here is a look at the evolution of Littleton Road from 1900 to the current time. From just a scattering of homes to hundreds of rental units today; from dairy farms and turkey farms to international corporate businesses, it has been a time of record changes. Nothing describes it better than the pictures and stories people have shared. 

In 2001 June Kennedy asked Dick Kenyon to photograph the areas along Littleton Road. She could see the changes that had taken place since she and her husband Charlie moved in to Westford in 1961. Twenty-one years later we’ve built on Mr. Kenyon’s work. Did we doze off? No more flea-market, no more Polly’s Restaurant with the airplane on the roof, no more places to have your saws, mowers and ice skates sharpened. Where were Michelson’s, Burbeck’s, McDonald’s, Toy’s, and Nixon’s farms? Where were Rocky Farms, Sullivan’s bus lot, Cannonball Junction, the East Littleton Station, Mello’s sawmill, Sleeper’s Power Equipment? And where are the Minot Corner Schoolhouse, and the houses that were at 103, 107, and 228 Littleton Road today? 

There’s an amazing amount of history to be found in just a few years and a few miles along Littleton Road, Westford.

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Littleton Road, Four Miles of Westford History (2022)

Below is the 2011 Museum Musings, A Journey Thought the Development of Route 110