Traveling Down Route 110 (Littleton Road) with Geoff and Bob!

A new Westford history film documentary. “Traveling Down Route 110 (Littleton Road) with Geoff and Bob”. There’s an amazing amount of history to be found in the four miles along Littleton Road, and Westford resident Geoff Hall, and Littleton resident Bob Spinozzi have chronicled how businesses sprouted, replacing the farmland and early Westford industry through the years along the Route 110 stretch from Chelmsford to Littleton. 

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Day & Hall: Littleton Road, Four Miles of Westford History (2022)

Eleven years later, Geoff and Bob began the journey of the development and history of Littleton Rd.
Here is the 2011 Museum Musings, “A Journey Thought the Development of Route 110”