Let’s take a stroll through Westford Center with Kate Hamlin and Fred Fisher

Step back in time and start your audio tour of  Westford Center as it was prior to the Civil War.  Your tour guides are Kate Hamlin (1847-1937) and Fred Fisher (1855-1941). Enjoy their remembrances of the town they grew up in and your stroll through historic Westford Center.  

Start at the Westford Museum
2 Boston Rd, Westford MA
(In 1875, Boston Road. was School Street)
Grab the map below and let’s go!

Narrated by Ellen Harde, Barbara Seavey and Ralph Hinckley

Read more of Kate’s and Fred’s Westford remembrances. (Click below)

WESTFORD RECOLLECTIONS of Frederic A. Fisher August 29, 1931

REMINISCENCES Westford Massachusetts (1847~1937) by KATE S. HAMLIN