Permanent Exhibit

Captain Peletiah Fletcher Doll House

The Doll House is no ordinary playhouse. After moving into the Captains Fletcher House (54 Lowell Rd), Mary “Marmi” D. Agnew decided to create a replica of the house. The … Read more »

Home Life

Not so long ago, the average home was a very different place. Candles lit the rooms instead of light bulbs, fires were used to cook things instead of ovens and … Read more »
photo of Franklin Trask

What happened to the Lake Shore Theatre?

Mural-sized painting of Nabnasset Country Club, ca. 1930 W.2017.24.1Photo by Rich McLaughlin We’ve been hearing lots about the Lake Shore Theatre in Nabnasset. It was run by Franklin Trask for … Read more »

Stone Circle at Grassy Pond

Many thanks go out to Cori Ryan and all the people involved in yesterday’s History in Stone program! Over 80 people visited the Museum to hear Cori’s talk on the … Read more »

Set in Stone~ History of the Quarry Industry

Westford has a long history in industry, with the earliest recorded granite quarrying beginning in 1826 on Oak Hill, near today’s Fletcher Granite company. Granite from here is known for … Read more »


Nabnasset is the 5th and final theme in our Villages of Westford series. It started as a farming community and added the mills at Brookside. In the late 19th century … Read more »
Image of the Westford Knight

The Westford Knight

The so called “Westford Knight” is a carving of unconfirmed origin in ledgerock on the hill approaching Westford Center from Stony Brook. Easily visible in contrast with the natural features … Read more »

Westford Doctors

As in every town, disease and illness in Westford was inevitable. From 1850-1868 the #1 cause of death in Westford was consumption, the #2 cause was old age, and the … Read more »

The American Revolution

Westford men served in various Colonial wars, and over 280 Westford men served in the Revolutionary War. They fought from the Battle of Lexington and Concord to the defeat of … Read more »

Westford Academy

Westford Academy (WA) was founded in 1792 as a private secondary school for children “of any nation, age, or sex.” It was exceptional from its beginning, taking both boys and … Read more »

Power of the Mills

The opening of the Stony Brook Railroad brought new industrial activity to all three Stony Brook villages: Brookside, Graniteville, and Forge Village. The granite quarries above Graniteville now had a … Read more »

Westford Women Dolls

Westford has an abundant history of outstanding and courageous women. Jean Downey (1925-2003),  conducted the Westford Women Doll project in 1985 to highlight women’s history and civil rights within Westford, with … Read more »