History Pods-Virtually Keeping Westford’s History Alive

View our collection of short Westford History Pods (3-5 minute videos) featuring items and artifacts from the Westford Museum’s collection as well as a tibit of Westford History and more!

Tree of the Common with Ellen Harde

Westford Academy Cheerleaders
with Nancy Dundas

Colonial Spinning Wheels with Penny Lacroix

The History of Westford Academy (Patten Rd)
with Jim Antonelli

Westford Museum Doll Collection
Ellen Swallow with Lisa Sama

Lakeshore Theater with Geoff Hall

Westford Town Scales with Newell Tillman

When the Roudenbush was Westford Academy with Mickey Crocker

The Fire Stations of Westford

The Ice House in Forge Pond

Celebrating the Anniversary of the 19th Amendment (August 2019)

Birds Eye View from the Cupola of the Westford Museum

Denny’s Tree with Ellen Harde

Westford Museum Doll Collection
Sarah Keyes with Leslie Howard

Westford Women Dolls
Jean Downey with Ellen Rainville

Westford Museum Doll Collection
Sarah Keyes with Leslie Howard

Attending Westford Academy in the 60’s
with Geoff Hall

Grassy Pond-Native American Stone Circle

Abbot Mills with Mickey Crocoker

Westford Museum Doll Collection
Emily McKniff with Penny Lacroix

The Ten School Districts

The Ski Hill in Westford

Edgar Allen Poe and “Annie”

The Cannon on Westford Common

Votes for Women
Catherine S. (Kate) Hamlin (1847-1937)
More at Women’s’ Right in Westford 1920

Votes for Women
Mary G. (May) Balch (1875-1962)
More at Women’s Right in Westford 1920

A 9-11 Tribute Podcast
How to make a Origami Paper Crane