Westford Academy

Westford Academy (WA) was founded in 1792 as a private secondary school for children “of any nation, age, or sex.” It was exceptional from its beginning, taking both boys and girls as students as long as they could read the Bible without sounding out words and pay 9 shillings per term.

Today, it is Westford’s public high school, open free of charge to all children in the town. Westford Academy ranks among the best schools in the state, and the town is justifiably proud of its long tradition of education

Westford Academy Building Generations

The Purchase of Westford Academy

Westford Academy was originally established as a private school, but was changed to a public school in 1928.  The vote took place a special town meeting on April 30, 1928 and the residents of Westford  agreed to purchase the “Westford Academy” from the Trustees of the Academy. Below is the link to the Articles (1-5) as they were recorded in 1929 Annual Report of the Town of Westford for the year ending December 31, 1928

Special Town Meeting April 30, 1928 page 27
Special Town Meeting April 30, 1928 page 28

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