Featured Artifact of the Week

Abbot Postcard

The ca. 1915 black and white postcard depicts the Abbot Worsted Company’s mill and canal in Westford’s Forge Village. It was addressed to a Miss C.H. Canfield, 26 1/2 Vinal Ave, Summerville, MA. Sender unstated. It was donated by Kevin Dowling of Gibsonia, PA.

Abbot Worsted was founded in 1855 by John W.P. Abbot (1806-1872), John W. Abbot (1834-1897), and Charles G. Sargent (1834-1897). The mill pictured in the postcard was their second and ultimately primary mill in town, the land of which originally owned by the Forge Village Horse Nail Co. The brick complex as it stands today was largely completed by 1910. The company went out of business in 1956 after moving south. Murray Printing (Courier Corp.) then owned the complex until the early 2000s. The Forge Village complex was subsequently converted into apartments by 2015. 

Paper, black and white