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Col. John Robinson House

From the military exhibit

The photo was taken on Oct. 1907, on the plot known as 19 Robinson Rd today. John (1735-1805) and Huldah Robison (1765-1812) moved into the house not long before it was built by 1794. In 1896, the marker visible in the picture was dedicated. The house burned down in 1937, when it was a summer home of Dr. Robert Driscoll.

John Robinson served in the Revolutionary War, seeing action at the Battle of Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill as a Lt. Colonel in 1775. He was the second highest ranking officer at the latter. By 1776, he was promoted to Colonel, commanding over 400 men in support of George Washington’s Continental Army. In 1777, he commanded a militia regiment to keep watch over British occupied Newport, RI.

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The photo was donated by the Fletcher Library.

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