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Jan 2, 2019

H. Arnold Wilder’s Class Ring

From the Collection

The Wilder family moved to Westford in 1923 from New Hampshire, with Henry Arnold Wilder (1909-2009) graduating from Westford Academy in 1927. Arnold was a mechanical engineer and active Freemason. Before working at Raytheon,  he worked at the local Abbot Worsted Company between 1935 and 1956 and the Wright and Fletcher General Store between 1928 and 1934. As a railroad enthusiast, he was involved with the National Railroad Enthusiasts and Locomotive Historical Society. He was later a member of the Westford Historical Commission and a Trustee of Westford Academy. Arnold was the town’s oldest man in 2009.

Black and white picture of the Westford Academy Trustees. Left to right, front row: Alan Bell, Gorden Seavey, H. Arnold Wilder. Back row: Austin Fletcher, Maurice Huckins, Allister MacDougall, John Kimball, Dick Hall, ?, Dana Fletcher, John Abbot.

Class Ring
10k gold


Black & White