Interviews with Westford Veterans (Audio)

These interviews are part of a collection of CDs “Interviews with Westford Veterans conducted by Christopher Crane, Boy Scouts of America, Andover Troop 73. Presented to the Westford Museum (2008). The content from the original CD  was edited and reformatted for audio use by Eleanor Rosatone (2022)

Robert M. Abrahamson
Private First Class
United States Army

Jerry G. Berkowitz
United States Air Force

Lloyd G. Blanchard
United States Army

Joseph R. Connell
United States Marine

Robert “Bob” Connell
Aviation Ordinanceman Second Class
United States Navy

George “Gusto” S. Seddon
United States Navy

Margaret “Phyllis” Valentine Seddon
Hospital Apprentice First Class
Women’s Accepted for Volunteer
Emergency Service (WAVES)
United States Navy

Follow link to: Westford Women go to War