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From the Hildreth Glass Plate Negatives Collection

This photograph depicts North Main St, Graniteville, looking to Grieg’s Corner. It was taken December 31, 1905. The house on the left is 5 North Main St, still standing. It was built around 1864, according to Zillow.com, and was noted on the 1899 map. A wraparound porch was added prior to 1990.

The road is still unpaved in 1909, and the trolley tracks are visible. Westford’s first trolley line opened in 1906, as part of the interurban line connecting Ayer and North Chelmsford. The Westford part of this line specifically connected Forge Village and Graniteville. Another trolley line, opening 1907, connected the area known as Nabnasset today and the town Center. These lines serviced Westford until 1929, after being run by the Eastern Mass Railway starting in 1926. Bus service replaced the line, until that was terminated in 1932. Some of these lines were converted into trails maintained by the Westford Conservation Trust.

Containing over 1000 glass plate negatives, the collection given by the estate of Charles L. Hildreth to the museum as a permanent loan. Many of which were printed by Steve McKenna.

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Black and white glass plate (8×10 Print)
Plate 90-No.3, Box 3