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Departure of the Minutemen: Westford Responds, April 19 1775

From the Military Exhibit

Giclee on canvas, signed by artist Don Troiani. This 2014 print depicts Sgt. Joshua Parker (1740-1834) of Captain Underwood’s Minutemen answering the alarm of April 19, 1775, the Sgt. Joshua Parker . Looking on are his wife, Hannah Kidder (ca 1754 – ca 1774), and their children, Joshua , Marry, and Patty).

The children depicted were of Joshua Parker’s first wife, Mary Boynton (1737-1771). Hannah was his second wife, and their children were Amaziah (1775-1849), Hannah (1778-1872), Dolly (1780-1863), and Benjamin (1785-1834). Sometime after 1790, Joshua moved to New York.