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From the Collection

One brown leather shoe, with decoration, from Athens. The shoe was likely a souvenir. It was given to the J.V. Fletcher Library by Emma Southwick Brinton (1824-1922), after 1894. Born in Peabody, Emma was an army nurse during the Civil War, and the first woman in Massachusetts to volunteer as such in 1861. By 1880, she moved to Westford, having married Dr. Jacob Barnard Brinton (d.1894). She moved to Washington, DC, after his death.

Prior to the opening of the Westford Museum in 1985, the Fletcher Library functioned as the town museum, with a then eclectic collection of objects. The items given to the museum in the early 1980s were considered the original backbone of the museum’s collection.

(Ref. Library collection #45)