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From the Hildreth Glass Plate Negatives Collection

The photograph shows the house at 59 Main St in 1909. This Greek Revival (Colonial) house was built by the Nichols Bros in the 1800s, and it was noted on the 1855 map as owned by E.K. Proctor. The porch was added around 1900, while the barn was later converted into a garage. It has variably been known as the Proctor House and Whitney House, and was also owned by Camerons, Fiskes, and Fletchers. Dr. Forsely also used the house as a doctor’s office in the 1970s, before the house became a residence again by the 1980s.

The house, near the town center, as it stands today.

Glass plate negatives were given by the estate of Charles L. Hildreth to the museum as a permanent loan. The collection contains over 1000 plates. Many of which were printed by Steve McKenna.

Black and white glass plate (8×10 Print)
Plate 363, Box 2