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Alvan Fisher House

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Fisher House Today via Google

Ca. 1895 winter photograph of 3 Depot St (Alvin Fisher House), which is the Running Fox Farm today. While Depot St runs along the side, the picture has a view from the front of the building. The house was built around 1729. Historical maps suggest the property was originally owned by Ephraim Craft (1677-?) and his family from the 1720s to 1797. Alvan Fisher, born 1821, lived in the house from 1855 to his death in 1907. Alvan ran a slaughterhouse and butcher shop on the property, and this business was run buy his son, Alec (1865-1936), into the 1930s.

Click here to  enjoy Fred Fisher s/o Alvin  recollections of growing up in Westford

The photo was donated by Bill Stone of Westford in 2014.

Black and white
3.25 x 4.5″