Featured Artifact of the Week

2005  Westford Academy Clarion Yearbook

This yearbook was 266 pages long, featuring the standard highlights such as students by year, clubs, various school-related programs, and national news stories. WA yearbooks featured the “Clarion” designation (loud and clear), specifically having a trumpeter on the cover into the 1960s. WA yearbooks normally did not feature significant stylizing until 2004, usually just the “Clarion” yearbook prior.

As all yearbooks feature a snapshot of time, the 2005 theme was arguably both unusual and fully indicative of that year’s class. First, gambling of any kind was against school policy, but high school students playing games like poker were not uncommon at the time. And second, the Grey Ghost mascot has often had a more Casper-like appearance. Class-wide surveys were conducted prior to the yearbook’s publishing about how they preferred the mascot to look. Featured on the yearbook was similar to the darker, more intimidating version chosen by students at the time, particularly the 2004 class. The inside cover, conversely, featured a version unlike any before or since. Combined, this yearbook’s theme continues to stand out, uniquely highlighting the class once described as the “Last class with class” by the administration in 2005.

Our yearbook was donated by lifelong Westford resident and WA Trustee Geoff Hall, while another copy was donated by WA history teacher Andy Norander.

8 ½ x 11″