The Westford Wardsman, Saturday, October 11, 1919

A look back in time to a century ago
By Bob Oliphant

“Center. Mrs. Helena M. Bartlett has demobilized her service flag this week. Her son, Perley M. Bartlett, who has seen two years of service overseas, has returned and has recently been spending a few days with his mother….
“The opening meeting of the Tadmuck club takes place next Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 at the Unitarian church. Mrs. William C. Roudenbush, president, will give her opening address. Mrs. H. V. Hildreth will give a report of the annual meeting of the State Federation at South Hadley in June. An address will be given by Miss Agnes Hassett on ‘Women and finance’ and there will be music by Misses Mildred and Pamelia Precious of Forge Village….
“Rally Sunday was made interesting last Sunday at the Congregational church. There were over sixty of the Sunday school classes not including the senior classes who took part in the exercises. Next Sunday Rev. John L. Kilbourn, secretary of the Massachusetts Home Missionary society, will be the speaker both morning and evening. The special missionary offering will be held at this time.
“The Cameron-Braley wedding Saturday last was an interesting and brilliant affair, when Alexander Abbot Cameron, son of Mr. and Mrs. Julian Abbot Cameron of this town, and Miss Joanna Sedgwick Braley, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Henry Hudson Braley of Concord, were united in marriage. The ceremony took place at the historic and beautiful old first Parish church at 6:30 in the presence of a large assembly of guests. The preceding evening the bride gave a dinner at her home followed by dancing at the Concord town hall for the bridal party. After a wedding tour Mr. and Mrs. Cameron will live in Westford and occupy the beautiful new home which is being built for them [at 10 Graniteville Road across the road from Alexander’s parents who resided in the large home at 7 Graniteville Road].
“Miss Emily F. Fletcher and Miss Harriet M. Hodgman attended September 26 and 27 the Federation of Natural History societies of New England, the gathering being held at Fall River.
“Death. Word came to the Westford relatives on last week Thursday of the sudden death of Frederick A. Hildreth in Malden. His only son, Lieut. Herbert V. Hildreth, of this village, and on duty in Boston with his company of state guard, was granted a four-days’ furlough on account of the death and funeral of his father…..
“State Guard. Few signs appear of a speedy ending of the stay of the state guard in Boston. In fact provisions in the line of equipment and for making better their accommodations look more for a prolonged stay there. For instance, modern rifles from Camp Devens are replacing the antiquated weapons that have been in use. The South Armory, where the Westford company is quartered … never was planned as a barracks for a whole regiment of infantry. Boston has been so sure of her own self control that she never thought of arrangements for the entertainment of an army to see that she behaved herself. Several efforts are being made to make the armory more nearly a suitable barracks, but there seems no danger that it will become such that the men will pine to stay there.
“Canvas cots have been provided throughout our regiment. The Westford company has somehow fared yet better in obtaining iron spring beds with mattresses. While some cases of sickness have occurred, on the whole the health of the men stays good. All are uneasy over the prolonged stay and some of the apparently needless military restrictions.
“Graniteville. At the harvest supper and entertainment held in the vestry of the M.E. church, recently, Mrs. A. B. Carr had charge of the supper and the entertainment was under the direction of Mrs. J. E. York.
“Both masses in St. Catherine’s church last Sunday morning were celebrated by Rev. J. Emile Dupont. After the second mass the regular meeting of the Holy Name society was held.
“Many from here attended the soccer football game in Forge Village on last Saturday afternoon, when the Abbot Worsted Company team defeated the Lawrence Thistles by the score of 5 to 1. Soccer football is making quite a hit with the sporting fraternity in this vicinity and the games are being well attended.
“Chestnuts are very plentiful here this season and many parties are to be seen daily going into the different woods in this vicinity.
“Forge Village. Mrs. Josephine Coogle, who has conducted the mill boarding house for several years, has retired. She leaves to spend the winter in Hartford, Conn., with relatives. The boarding house has been taken over by Miss Mary Hannon, of Lawrence, who arrived with her father last Saturday.”