The so called "Westford Knight" is a carving of unconfirmed origin in ledgerock on the hill approaching Westford Center from Stony Brook. Easily visible in contrast with the natural features of the rock is a man-made carving of what could be a medieval sword.

The origins of the carving are highly debated. According to one account, the first Europeans to reach Westford were part of an expedition led by Prince Henry Sinclair, of Scotland. This voyage would have reached the New World in about 1400 A.D. The "Westford Knight" would then be an effigy for one of the expedition who died nearby. One can imagine the carvings to be seen as a picture of the Knight, complete with sword.

Image of the Westford Knight
The Westford Knight

To view the Westford Knight carving in Westford Massachusetts, take I-495 to Exit 32, Boston Road. Then go west on Boston Road toward Westford Center. Just before the Westford Common, turn right onto Lincoln Street and go straight onto Main St. Just past Roudenbush Community Center, bear left onto Depot St and the Westford Knight carving is about 100 yards down Depot St on the right. You can park in the Abbot School parking lot, and walk back up Depot to see the stone carving of the Westford Knight.

Map to the Westford Knight
Map to the Westford Knight

The Clan Gunn Society of North America has more information about Prince Henry Sinclair's voyage and the possible connection with the Westford Knight.

For information on contacting the Westford Knight Commitee, please contact the Westford Museum office.