Abbreviations used in The Westford Wardsman

A.A. – Athletic Association
A.C. – Athletic Club
A.E.F. – American Expeditionary Force
A.F.B. club – Abbot Football club? Feb. 24, 1917
A.F. of A.M. – Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
A.L. – American Legion
A.O.H. – Ancient Order of Hibermians
A.U.A – American Unitarian Association
A.W.C. – Abbot Worsted Company
B.B.C. – ?
C.A.C. – Coast Artillery Corps
C.E. – Christian Endeavor of the Union Congregationl Church
C.E.S. – Congregational Education Society
C.F. of A., C. of F. of A. – Companions of the Foresters of America (women’s orgn.)
chap. – Chaplain, Grange officer
C.M.A.C. – Corporation des Membres de l’Association Catholique
C.R. – Chief Ranger of M.C.O.F.
D.C.C. – District (Deputy?) Chief Companion of C.F. of A.
D.G.C.R. – Deputy Grand Chief Ranger of M.C.O.F.
D.K.E. – Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity
E.S.B.C. club – Sept. 23, 1911, Graniteville??
ex. com. – Executive Committee, Grange committee
F.A. – Field Artillery
fin. sec. – financial secretary
F.L.T. – Friendship, Love & Truth (motto of Odd Fellows)
F. of A. – Foresters of America
F.S.S. – ?
F.V. – Forge Village
F.V.A.C. – Forge Village Athletic Club
G.A.C. – Graniteville Athletic Club
G.A.R. – Grand Army of the Republic
g.k. – Gatekeeper, Grange officer
H.C.L.; H.C. of L. – ?
H.V.C. – High Vice Chief Ranger of M.C.O.F.
I.O.O.F., M.U. – Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Manchester Unity
I.S. – Inside Sentinel of M.C.O.F.
I.W.W. – Industrial Workers of the World
J. Con. – Junior Conductor of M.C.O.F.
KJV – King James Version of the Bible
L.A.S. – Ladies’ Aid Society
l.a.s – Lady Assistant Stewart, Grange officer
Lec. – Lecturer, Grange officer
L.S.C. – Ladies’ Sewing Circle
L.T.S. – Lowell Textile School
m. – Master, Grange officer
M.C.O.F. – Massachusetts Catholic Order of Foresters
M.E. – Methodist Episcopal
M.S.G. – Massachusetts State Guard
M.V.M. – Massachusetts Volunteer Militia
N.E.T.&T. – New England Telegraph & Telephone Co.
o. – Overseer, Grange officer
O.E.S. – Order of the Eastern Star
Q.M.C. – (U.S. Army) Quartermaster Corps
O.M.I. – Oblates of Mary Immaculate
O.S. – Outside Sentinel of M.C.O.F.
P.C.R. – Past Chief Ranger of M.C.O.F.
P.E.I. – Prince Edward Island
P.G. – Past Grand (has presided over an Odd Fellows Lodge)
P. of H. – (Order of) Patrons of Husbandry, the Grange
P.Q. – Province of Quebec, Canada
R.A. – Royal Arcanum
rec. sec. – recording secretary
R.F.D. – Rural Free Delivery
R.T.S. – Religious Tract Society ?
R.T.S.S. – A boys’ club in Forge Village in Oct 1910
S. Con. – Senior Conductor of M.C.O.F.
sec. – Secretary
S. of V. – Sons of Veterans
S.R.O. – Standing Room Only
stew. – Steward, Grange officer
T.I.A.R.F.O.M. – There is always room for one more, a youth club at the Unitarian church
treas. – Treasurer
T.R.V.T. (probably T.R. & T.) – Probably Talbot, Richardson & Talbot
V.C.R. – Vice Chief Ranger of M.C.O.F.
W.A.A. – Westford Athletic Association
W.B.M. – Women’s Board of Missions
W.C.T.U. – Women’s Christian Temperance Union
W.F.D. – Westford Fire Department
W. R. C. – Woman’s Relief Corps, Auxiliary of the Grand Army of the Republic
Y.L.S.C. – Young Ladies Swimming Club [of Forge Village]
Y.M.C.A. – Young Men’s Christian Association
Y.P.R.U. – Young People’s Religious Union
Y.P.S.C. – Young People’s Social Club of St. Andrew’s Mission
Y.P.S.C.E. – Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor of the Union Congregational Church
Y.W.C.A. – Young Women’s Christian Association

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