Notable of the Month ~ Gordon Seavey

Gordon Seavey was a local historian and journalist, writing historical features for the Westford Eagle and the Lowell Sun. During high school, he wrote for the Lowell Courier-Citizen and The Ayer Public Spirit, beginning his seventy year career in journalism. After graduating from WA in 1922, he attended Commercial College and then took journalism courses at Boston University. In 1929, Seavey graduated from the University of New Hampshire. Continuing in his journalism career, Seavey was a publisher of the Belmont Citizen for 32 years. He was also president of the National Newspaper Association and the Massachusetts Press Association, as well as a co-founder of the New England Weekly Press Association and the Belmont, Massachusetts, Board of Trade. Today, collections of Seavey’s writings are held at the J.V Fletcher Library and the Westford Museum. Besides his illustrious career in writing, he made a notable contribution to the Westford community as Cemetery Commissioner for six years and Westford Academy Trustee for over fifty years. In his later years, Seavey gave a kind donation to construct the Fellowship Hall in the First Parish Church. The hall was dedicated to him for his generosity.

From his childhood to retirement, Gordon Seavey was a prominent figure in the Westford community. Seavey is pictured here in 1922 as Class President.

By Leila Ward, 2019 Westford Academy Capstone Intern

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Photo of Ralph Adams Cram.

Writer and town historian, Gordon Seavey (1905-1996), is also shown above, seated on the cannon from Morro Castle.

The Westford Wardsman, Saturday, July 26, 1919