Earle Williams (1902-1988)

Earle Williams Sells Fudge in Littleton Area

Littleton- HEAVY CREAM – HOMEMADE FUDGE that’s what the four cornered sign says atop of the car usually parked at Littleton Common on Sunday afternoons. Earle Williams, one time candy maker with Fannie Farmer and now retired from MIT Radar site in Westford has returned to his first love and makes and sells from his home in Forge Village a superior product of Dell Dale heavy cream, Dutch chocolate, and honey. You may have bought his fudge at various flea markets and crafts sales such as Nashoba Arts and Crafts exhibit last Saturday, June 12 at Littleton Mall thus depleting his stock of fudge and disappointing customers at the Common who quickly bought up his last three pounds. Chocolate with or without walnuts is his most popular number with Penuche and Honey close seconds. The formula was developed after years of candy making and is far from being a secret. He has supplied instructions to a dozen or more interested customers, who, having sampled the product, exclaim they wish they could make fudge like that. Mr. Williams’ reply has been,  “Why should such a perfect product die with me?” The formula is included in a cookbook, the profits going to a youth organization and more are available upon request. Strangely enough, though, he has encountered no competition thru this unusual sharing of trade secrets mainly because nobody seems to want to use heavy cream in fudge. The last gallon of cream from Dell Dale Farm in Littleton was so heavy it had to be helped out of the jug with a kitchen tool. Truly this is no diet fudge. Made in small four-pound batches, wrapped in aluminum foil and allowed to ripen for several days’ refrigeration keeps it until ready to use no stale fudge ever.

Should you miss him at the Common, take 119 one mile on the right to Beaver Brook Road. Follow to the end of it Turn left Take second street on right (Abbot Street) to end. Cross the intersection or the four streets. Dead ahead on Town Farm Road is the Fudge Sign first house on right. Westford Eagle, June 24, 1976, pg. 3




Thank you Rose O’Donnell for sharing Earle Williams’ Fudge Recipe

Earle Williams lived at 3 Town Farm Road from the mid 1950s until his death in 1988. In the 1970s, after his retirement he made and sold fudge.