Freddies Quest~Stories created and performed by Leeny Del Seamonds

For the 275th Anniversary of Westford Massachusetts. It was Leeny pleasure to celebrate and honor Westford’s 225th Anniversary (2004) by creating four stories about our town’s history, a sampling of its wonderful residents and places from a time gone by. All of these are interwoven in the rich fabric that is Westford.

Leeny was invited to present  interesting facts and tidbits about Westford’s history to all elementary schools in town. After speaking with several residents and visiting various locations in town, Leeny became passionate about making Westford’s history come alive for all ages through newly created stories based upon real people, events and places that existed long ago. Her journey turned into an unforgettable and joyous experience!

Enjoy the first of the four stories



Simple Gifts (0:36) An 18th century Shaker song, USA. Vocals by Leeny Del Seamonds. Celebrate and appreciate the simple things in life: Love Kindness, courage and freedom to grow and change.

Freddie’s Quest (12:49) A Little boys journey through Westford to find something special