Featured Artifact of the Week

Victor Victrola

This Victrola turntable was manufactured by the Victor Talking Machine Company in Camdon, NJ. The VV-210 model was made between 1922 and 1925, while a rare late revision of this model was electric (the VE-210) instead of utilizing a manual winding mechanism. Based on the Serial Number, our Victrola was built in 1923. It was considered the lower priced model, making it one of the most popular devices of its time. Useful features a storage area for records, while the volume could be controlled by opening and closing the doors. Our Victrola was purchased by an unnamed Westford resident at the Bon Marche Dry Goods Company in Lowell, MA, prior to 1983.

Mahogany, dark red stain
Includes phonograph records

How about a little music from the Bennie Krueger’s Orchestra