Featured Artifact of the Week

Toy Turkey Farm Sign

Framed portion of the Toy Turkey Farm sign. The 15.5 acre farm was on Littleton Rd around where the Westford Valley Marketplace is today. This location was also the site of the District 6 Minot’s Corner School, which closed in 1909. The school was converted into a home at what became the turkey farm operated by brothers Hyman H. Toy (1913-1994) and Robert N. “Mickey” Toy (1908-1981) as far back as 1946. It was said to be one of the largest turkey farms in the country by the Lowell Sunday Sun in 1949, raising 6,000 turkeys a year. The farm was nearly destroyed by fire in November 1974. By 1985, the old school building was moved to the nearby Fieldstone Dr, and the property was redeveloped into the shopping center.

Color Paint
Framed 37.5 x 34″