The Worship Spaces of Westford

Spring 2011

From the building of the original Meeting House of West Chelmsford, to the establishment of St. Catherine’s, The United Methodist Church and St. Mark’s to accommodate the influx of 19th c. immigrants; from the Christian faiths which marked the founding of our country, to more recent populations of Jewish, Bahá’í and Buddhist; from traditional historic buildings to contemporary architecture, private homes and nature settings, the history of Westford’s religious communities reflect the history of Westford itself.

This exhibit is a combined effort of many organizations and individuals in Westford. Each organization has provided their own history, photos, artifacts and summaries, which are combined here into a single story with intertwining branches in the Westford community. Many thanks go to Ajahn David Chutiko (Wat Buddhabhavanna), Joe Diamond (Temple Shir Haddash), Elizabeth Elliott (St. Mark’s Episcopal Church), Jeff Henry (Museum Volunteer), Peg Hicks (St. Catherine of Alexandria), Patti Mason (First Parish Church United), Bob Oliphant (United Methodist Church), Barbara Peacock (Wat Buddhabhavanna), Larry Peebles (St. Mark’s Episcopal Church), Melissa Phillips (Museum Volunteer), Beth Shaw (Museum Volunteer) and Dilip Soman (Baha’i Faith) for their personal contributions.