The Westford Wardsman, Saturday, May 31, 1919

A look back in time to a century ago
By Bob Oliphant

“Center. Mr. and Mrs. Abiel J. Abbot are at home again after spending the winter in Boston.
“Last week Friday afternoon, a union meeting of the Ladies’ Missionary society and the W.C.T.U. was held. Owing to other things coming on the same day the attendance was affected, but about twenty-five enjoyed the gathering….
“The dance under the auspices of the Grange, under the leadership of Joseph Wall, last week Friday evening, was much enjoyed, there being fully 125 present. Hibbard’s orchestra, of Lowell, played for the dancing, and ice cream and cake were served at intermission.
“The dressmaking class under the direction of the Tadmuck club holds its closing meeting on next Tuesday in Library hall. The class has proved both pleasant and profitable under the capable direction of Miss Tomer of the County Bureau.
“The academy graduation comes on Wednesday, June 18. The class of graduates is small this year, there being but four to be graduated—Ruth Sargent, Ethel Ripley, Ethel Collins and Morton Seavey. The Frost school closes Friday, June 13.
“One of the large maple trees on the main street, which has been dead for some time, was cut down last week under the direction of Tree Warden Nesmith. This tree was not far from the telephone exchange [58 Main St.].
“The weekly drill of Company L, M. S. G., took place on Tuesday evening. One of their duties was the readjusting of the big ‘welcome home’ flag which the wind of the day previous had loosened. This flag, beautiful in its significance, and presented by the local Red Cross, is suspended over the street, near Wright & Fletcher’s store [now Muffins on Main].
“Union Memorial services at the Congregational church on Sunday were well attended. Only seven of the Westford Veteran association were able to be present, Wesley O. Hawkes, commander, and under the escort of the sons and daughters of veterans….
“At the meeting of the state guard on Tuesday evening medals were awarded those who assisted in the recent victory loan. These medals were made from metal in captured German guns; also, awarded were two German helmets, one to Lieut. George Wilson, of Forge Village, for securing the largest number of subscribers, and one to Private L. W. Wheeler for securing the largest amount of money subscription. These helmets were new and were captured from a storehouse in Coblentz [sic]. The total for the recent loan was $180,950, the quota being $165,000.
“The village never presented a more attractive appearance. The streets have been put in good condition; also, the common and Whitney playground is beautiful, and with the well kept home grounds all being most attractive for Memorial day.
“A picture of Tony Palermo has been presented to Capt. S. H. Fletcher and is on exhibition in his store window. The following inscription, which accompanies it, speaks for itself: ‘Faithful unto death. Tony Palermo, a Westford boy, killed on the Argonne front October 14, 1918, Company K, 104th U.S. Infantry.’ This picture was placed in front of the pulpit on Sunday at the union memorial services.
“The streets will soon have their annual oiling. The state roads have already been oiled; $10,000 was the appropriation for streets in town this year, the largest ever made.
“Forge Village. The employees of the Abbot Worsted Company are to receive an increase in wages.
“Alexander McDonald, superintendent of streets, has a number of men fixing the roads throughout the village.
“Graniteville. The Graniteville A.C. met their old-time rivals, the Forge Village A.C., in the second game of the season, here, last Saturday, and the local club won handily by the score of 11 to 6….
“Mr. and Mrs. J. Austin Healy welcomed a little son [John Austin III] to their home on May 20.
“A reception was tendered to the new minister, Rev. W. E. Anderson, in the vestry of the Methodist church on last Saturday evening and was largely attended. After the formal reception a substantial purse was presented to Mr. Anderson by A. B. Carr in behalf of those present.
“The Abbot Worsted Company baseball team will open the season here this week Saturday, when they will have for opponents the strong Lamson team of Lowell….
“About Town. A large black snake of the six-feet variety was killed near the henhouse of the W. R. Taylor farm [23 Stony Brook Road].
Camp News. The demobilization group is now discharging men at the rate of 20,000 a month and indications are that this figure will be exceeded. Last week 4000 casuals were sent here for discharge from other camps….
“Three camps sent 1000 veterans of the 82nd division here for discharge….”

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