The Westford Wardsman, Saturday, August 2, 1919

A look back in time to a century ago
By Bob Oliphant

“Center. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Roudenbush entertained this week an auto party of old friends from their former home in Rochester, N.Y. Their friends were driving through to Maine to spend the month of August….
“Two additional circuits, one through Lowell and one through Ayer, have been added at the local telephone exchange to take care of the increased business.
“Some spirited games of tennis are enjoyed at the tennis court at Whitney playground these summer days.
“The Congregational church closed last Sunday for the summer vacation through the month of August, but there will be an evening service each Sunday. Mr. Brownsey, who has been in Boston during the week, will be at the parsonage over Sunday and will kindly give this Sunday evening of his vacation and conduct the meeting. His subject will be ‘Looking forward and backward.’ The first of the week he joins Mrs. Brownsey in Dunbarton, N.H.
“At the local telephone exchange lives a rather unusual pet cat named ‘Mischief.’ He is all white and has one eye that is very blue and the other eye of an entirely different color—a sort of gray color.
“Alfred Tuttle, while driving his Ford, collided with a swift coming motorcycle at Minot’s corner one day this week. He gave the motorcycle all the room possible, but it was going at such a rate of speed it could not turn out enough to avoid colliding. The passenger riding in the sidecar of the motorcycle was thrown out, and while there was a general shaking up no serious results were reported.
“J. Herbert Fletcher, Dr. C. A. Blaney and John B. Gray go the last of this week for a two-weeks’ vacation in Maine.
“Forge Village. The superintendents, overseers and their wives of the Abbot Worsted Co. are to be the guests of the members of the firm Saturday. The outing will be held at Hampton Beach. The trip will be made by autos, leaving here at eleven o’clock. Dinner will be served at 2:30. The large party is composed of the overseers of this village, Graniteville and the Brookside mills and the office force. After dinner the party will proceed to Salisbury beach, where the remainder of the day will be spent. About eighty expect to be present.
“The large strip of land between the railroad crossing and canal has been graded and is being laid out by a landscape artist. When completed it will be an attractive cool spot.
“The large block opposite the mill is to be torn down to make room for a group of buildings that will take care of the office force and provide a suitable place for the nurse, who looks after the welfare of the employees of the Abbot Worsted Co. The tenants are moving out this week into the modern houses just completed for the employees.
“The Graniteville A. C. won the fourth game of the series from the F.V. A.C. Wednesday evening before one of the largest crowds ever on the field. The score now is even, each side having won two games. The fifth game will be played next week.
“Elizabeth Palermo, the young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Palermo, was kicked in the face by one of their horses last week Thursday. Her jaw bone was fractured and she received a deep cut across the chin, which caused much pain. Miss Agnes Weir, the public health nurse is attending her.
“Graniteville. Blueberries are very plentiful this season and the local pickers are reaping a harvest.
“Edward Defoe injured his leg while helping to unload machinery here a few days ago, and will be laid up for awhile.
“The Graniteville A.C. played a twilight game in Forge Village Wednesday at 6:15 P.M.
About Town. Amos B. Polley has been ill with indigestion and a slight kidney trouble. Dr. Blaney was called and soon had the trouble under control. During his illness Guy R. Decatur and W. J. Parfit have been executors of milking and Joseph Quinn has added his strong arm to haying.
“The improvements connected with double tracking the Stony Brook [rail]road have come to a sudden stringent financial standstill, nearly as sudden as leaving your shovel in the air when the whistle sounds, for after spending immense sums to straighten the sharp and dangerous curves they remain where they were seventy-five years ago, when the road was built, although the expensive bank excavations have been completed….
“The Abbot Worsted Company, the new owners of the Brookside mills, are making extensive repairs and changes on the property.
“Edward M. and Joseph M. [probably John M., Edward’s brother] Abbot have bought the Park Worsted mills in Lowell.”

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