The Atwood-Carlton-Millett Family

4 Graniteville Rd – Atwood House

The Atwood-Millett Family included a doctor, nurse, lawyer, and artist, and there are connections to other towns across the country. Lillian, Mary, and Sarah “Carrie” Atwood were lifelong Westford residents. Grace (Atwood) Millett was a nurse in Westford into the 1950s, and was featured in the updated and expanded medical exhibit. Her son, William “Bill” Millett was a local artist, and last of the family to live in Westford. Bill died in 2007, and his estate donated a large portion of his possessions to the museum in 2008.

The bulk of the collection was donated by Deborah Stein Sharpe in 2008, and items exhibited are from this collection unless otherwise stated.

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Atwood Diaries

Here is a brief video on Bill Millett

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