Atwood Diaries

The Atwoods were an active family in Westford starting in the mid-1800s. Daniel (1822-1902) and Caroline (1821-1911) Atwood had a farm on Concord Road, near the intersection of Hildreth Street. They had 6 children: William (1847-1942), Edward (1848-1925), Daniel (1850-1931), Sarah (1853-1945), Lillian (1856-1940) and Mary (1860-1951). When Daniel retired from farming, he built the house at 4 Graniteville Road. His son Daniel stayed with the farm. William moved to Florida. Edward became a medical doctor and eventually moved to Florida also. The 3 daughters never married and continued to live in their family home at 4 Graniteville Road throughout their lives.

Several diaries remained with the family papers and were donated to the Westford Historical Society in 2008. They provide glimpses into the everyday lives of the Atwood sisters and happenings around Westford.

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