A Century Ago in Westford

The Westford Wardsman was published weekly as part of Turner's Public Spirit, an Ayer-based newspaper. In the 21st century, Bob Oliphant, a longtime Westford Historical Society supporter, transcribed the complete articles from digital copies. His abridged versions of the Wardsman are published weekly in the Westford Eagle.

A more thorough introduction to the Wardsman is available here. A glossary of the abbreviations used in the Wardsman is available here.

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The Westford Wardsman, September 7, 1918

Westford Academy reopens with 65 students. Dancing parties held in Town Hall & in Nabnasset Hall. Graniteville baseball club defeats Forge Village.

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The Westford Wardsman, August 31, 1918

Local company of the Massachusetts State Guard serves four-days’ tour of duty in Framingham. Work on widening, straightening & grading Graniteville Road is making good progress. “Merry” farewell party given for drafted Graniteville man.

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The Westford Wardsman, August 24, 1918

U.S. Public Health Service’s Director of Nurses gives talk at Town Hall on rural nursing. Spalding Light Cavalry Association holds its reunion with a pigeon shoot & business meeting. Heavy frost reported in north part of town. Letters from local men serving overseas are printed.

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The Westford Wardsman, August 17, 1918

Spaulding Light Cavalry association holds its annual reunion. 100-year-old lifelong Westford resident dies.

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The Westford Wardsman, August 10, 1918

Home Guard drills at Whitney playground. In Forge Village, many baseball fans watch Westford team defeat Forge Village. Children of the Methodist Church Sunday School enjoy a basket picnic on the church grounds.

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The Westford Wardsman, August 3, 1918

Camp Fire Girls start a 10-day camping trip at Littleton’s Mill Pond. Heavy rain helps berry crop but causes power outages. Congregational Church holds a patriotic service as its closing Sunday before vacation.

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The Westford Wardsman, July 27, 1918

Dancing party at Town Hall raises $25 for French relief. Church bells ring to announce an allied victory overseas. Congregational Church holds Children’s Sunday. Graniteville ball club hosts largely attended concert & dance.

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The Westford Wardsman, July 20, 1918

Congregational Church’s minister gives talk on the significance of Bastille Day. Couple celebrates their 50th anniversary with relatives & friends. Cameron circle, C. of F. of A., holds very successful gala day in Graniteville featuring ball game, food booths, a “midway,” & a dance in the evening.

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The Westford Wardsman, July 13, 1918

Horse killed by lightning while standing in barn; “The barn escaped with only a few scratches.” Westford soldier stationed in England receives “personal letter of welcome” from King George. 28,000 Ft. Devens soldiers ship out to Europe on July 4th.

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The Westford Wardsman, July 6, 1918

State health nurse weighs & measures 48 children in Forge Village. Abbot Worsted Co. building a large bathhouse on Forge Pond. Forge baseball team defeats Graniteville.

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The Westford Wardsman, June 29, 1918

Ladies’ Missionary Society enjoys its annual field day. Hard frosts spare “hill gardens” but damage crops in “the lower lands.” Boys destroy garden in Forge Village

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The Westford Wardsman, June 22, 1918

Town’s food administrator limits how much sugar can be sold to households. Westford State Guard marches in Lowell Flag Day parade. Nine girls & five boys graduate from the Academy. Frost reported in Brookside.

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