Featured Artifact of the Week

Railroad Clock

This Regulator Railroad Clock was made no earlier than 1860 by the Seth Thomas Clock Company, then of Plymouth Hollow, CT. According to ClockHistory.com, the Seth Thomas Clock Company has origins as far back as 1807, by being hired by clockmaker Eli Terry, and Thomas (1785-1859) purchasing the business in 1810. Thomas then purchased Herman Clark’s business in Plymouth Hollow in 1813. After mergers and acquisitions in the twentieth century, the Seth Thomas brand was owned by the Colibri Group as recently as 2009.

The weight driven clock itself was wound, probably once a week. The weights are no longer present, but the adjustable rod of the pendulum is sitting on the bottom of the interior. On top of time, the clock included the complexities of the day of week and month.

The Boston and Main Railroad went through Westford starting in 1848. It was known as the Stony Brook Railroad, prior to becoming a part of the B&M Railroad line. By 1852, all B&M stations in town were demolished, while portions of the line still exist today as part of PanAm Railways. For more info about the Stony Brook Railroad up to 1979, see The Stony Brook Railroad. Our clock, or similar ones, would have been operating within the stations in town.

Wood cabinet (black painted)
Brass works
18 x 39.5″