Brody, David S: Cabal of the Westford Knight, Templars at the Newport Tower (Autographed)





(Templars in America Series)  Vol. 1 Paperback – January 27, 2009

CABAL OF THE WESTFORD KNIGHT is a groundbreaking suspense novel inspired by the legend of the Westford Knight. The legend recounts how Scottish explorers secretly visited Westford, Massachusetts in 1398, where they carved an effigy in stone to commemorate the death of a fallen comrade, a carving that remains visible today. But who were these explorers, and why had they come? The life of the story’s modern-day protagonist depends on finding the answers.

Based on the latest scientific, historical and archeological research, the novel takes readers on a tour of 600-year-old sites and artifacts throughout New England, binding together stone towers and ancient inscriptions in a plot that reveals the true secrets of both the Knights Templar and the Jesus bloodline. The artifacts and sites, all authentic and all illustrated within the book, provide compelling evidence that the heirs to the Jesus bloodline carried ancient Templar treasures and secrets with them to North America as they sought refuge from persecution by Church leaders. Here in the New World, they hoped to establish a New Jerusalem based on age-old pagan values and beliefs that they believed reflected the true teachings of Jesus.

Knights Templar in America. Secret societies. Buried treasures. The Jesus bloodline. Pagans infiltrating the Catholic Church. CABAL OF THE WESTFORD KNIGHT has it all. A feast for history buffs and those who love a literary rollercoaster, this is a cutting-edge novel of suspense that will captivate readers—and force historians to rewrite American history. (2009)

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