Featured Artifact of the Week

Picture Postcard

Postcard featuring a photograph of the Nabnasset post office at 62 Brookside Rd. It was printed by the Merrimack Postcard Company, 110 Marrimac St. Haverhill, MA. The photo was taken around 1958. Prior to the 1970s, the Westford village known as Nabnasset (Nab) was a summer community, and had its own zip code, 01881. The area around Nabnasset Lake was sometimes called Sandy Plain prior to gaining year-round residents, while the village today also encompasses the historical village of Brookside.

The building pictured is still standing today, and is still a post office. According to the Westford Gazetteer, there has been a post office in the village as far back as 1921, when it was located in the Donnelly variety store at 27 Brookside Rd. While Brookside Plaza was built next to it after 1958, the post office building has seen very little exterior changes. Google Street View

Postcard, Picture
5.5 x 3.5″