Featured Artifact of the Week

Decorative Plaque

Wooden plaque with family pictures made by Nancy Hall Bissell of Westford as a Christmas gift in the late 1960s. The plaque has six photographs from the early to late 1940s. Clockwise: (1) Freda Johnson Brown (1899-1980), Marjorie (Aldrich) Pearson (1933-2011), and Bill Brown (1887-1957), (2) The Brown Family, (3) Freda Johnson Brown with little Harold Tenhuison, (4) Ruth (Nesmith) Hall (1911-2006) with Barbara Hall Byrne Courchaine, (5) Arlene & Marjorie Aldrich, (6) Mary “May” Balch (1876-1961), Freda Brown.

Wood, paper