Featured Artifact of the Week

Apple Bowl Photograph

Ca. 1940 photograph of a bowl of apples at the Forest View Farm (Gould-Picking Farm) in Westford. The property was located at 5 & 7 Gould Rd. Today it is also known as the Meadowbrook Farm, with the burgeoning the Good Pickin’ community farm operating at the site. According to the Good Pickin’ website, the land was originally farmed by the Wright family by the mid-1700s. As stated in the Gazetteer of Westford, Wright decedents, Edwin (1860-1948) and George Gould (1854-?) purchased the property in 1842. The property remained in the family until 1996, the final family members in Westford being Bernice Gertrude (Gould) Picking (1915-1996) and husband Albert Henry George Picking (1915-1994). It became the Meadowbrook Farm under the subsequent public-private ownership of Robert J. Waskiewicz, Robert Webb, and the Town of Westford.

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