Featured Artifact of the Week

Framed Photograph

Black and white photograph in a decorative convex frame. It contains the image of Daniel Elliot Atwood (1850 – 1931) and Eliza “Lizzie” (Davidson) Atwood (1855 – 1932) from around 1910. The picture was likely taken on the family farm on Hildreth Street. Daniel retired from farming in the 1880s, and moved into the family home on 4 Graniteville Rd. His son, Daniel (1850-1931), continued to run the family farm. The last of the family to live in Westford was artist William Atwood “Bill” Millet (1922-2007). Deborah Stein Sharpe donated the bulk of the Atwood collection in 2008.

Photo (curved) 19 x 13″
Oval frame 23 5/8 x 18″