pastel portrait of Gov. John D Long

Help Save the Portrait of Govenor Long!

Before John D. Long was Secretary of the Navy, before he served as Governor of Massashusetts, before he was involved with law and politics, the new Harvard graduate was a teacher at Westford Academy. In September of 1857, John D. Long came to Westford…

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spinning wheels lined up in a row

Spinners get warm in the Museum

The Museum was packed with spinners and their wheels. Last Sunday, 30 spinners from around the region gathered at the Westford Museum to celebrate St. Distaff Day, a traditional day of spinning following the holidays. The event was social, with partici…

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Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?

Some time ago, members of the Atwood family donated a small collection of buttons to the Westford Museum. Penny Lacroix, Museum Director, sent the buttons to the Keep Homestead Museum in Monson, MA for appraisal and recommendations for their preservati…

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4 Graniteville - atwood house photo

The Atwood-Carlton-Millett Family

4 Graniteville Rd – Atwood House The Atwood-Millett Family included a doctor, nurse, lawyer, and artist, and there are connections to other towns across the country. Lillian, Mary, and Sarah “Carrie” Atwood were lifelong Westford residents. Grace (Atwo…

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photo of Franklin Trask

What happened to the Lake Shore Theatre?

Mural-sized painting of Nabnasset Country Club, ca. 1930 W.2017.24.1 Photo by Rich McLaughlin We’ve been hearing lots about the Lake Shore Theatre in Nabnasset. It was run by Franklin Trask for 3 summers from 1934 to 1936. Trask had originally come to…

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Photo of 4 Graniteville Road before restoration

Atwood/Millet/James House Tour photos

The old Atwood Family safe The old Atwood Family safe still sits under the stairs at 4 Graniteville Road. Thank you to all who came to experience the beautiful restoration of this Westford Center home and supported the Westford Historical Society! If y…

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Storyteller Spirit Dancer

History in Stone Recap

Many thanks go out to Cori Ryan and all the people involved in yesterday’s History in Stone program! Over 80 people visited the Museum to hear Cori’s talk on the Stone Circle at Grassy Pond, view the ancient artifacts found here in Westford, listen to…

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Querying in Westford started in 1600’s Westford was still part of Chelmsford – why the granite is called Chelmsford granite. Westford split from Westford when because it got too far to go to church in present day Chelmsford – Westford is west Chelmsfor…

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Photo of mural


Nabnasset is the 5th and final theme in our Villages of Westford series. It started as a farming community and added the mills at Brookside. In the late 19th century the recreational land around Nab Lake was known as “Nabnasset Grove.” A summer communi…

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Westford Academy Logo

Calling All Westford Academy Alumni

The Westford Historical Society needs your help for a Special Project. The Westford Historical Society is putting together an exhibit on Westford Academy and Alumni from the start of the Westford Academy in 1792 to the present. Included in the exhibit…

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