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Mattawanakee Postcard

From the collection

Forge Pond (AKA Lake Mattawanakee) is a “Great Pond” or geological lake in Westford. The area of Forge Village surrounds it on the Westford side. According to the Friends of Forge Pond, the alternate name was wildly used by developers selling summer homes there in the 1950s. The pond extends into Littleton, where the alternate name is still more commonly used. It is a “natural” pond, but was dammed in the mid-nineteenth century to power the Abbot Mill, which operated into the twentieth century (now apartments). This damming dramatically altered the lake, specifically raising the water level by about six feet.

Our postcard was made around 1915, and was mailed from Forge Village. It features a George Washington 1¢ stamp. The postcard was donated by Westford resident Pat Louch.

Card, 5.5 x 3.5″