June 2020 Museum Musings

(Westford Academy Class of 1920~Grades 9-12)
100 Years Ago~The Graduating Class of 1920

It is a source of satisfaction to the principal to report that the majority of last year’s graduates are pursuing further courses of study in advanced institutions of learning. Morton Seavey, post graduate member and Mildred Precious, valedictorian, are now studying in Boston University; the salutatorian, Julia Donnelly, is attending Salem Normal School; Frederick Griffin and Edna Sargent are at Massachusetts Agricultural College; Raymond Wall is at Clark University; Forrest White attends Chauncey Hall School of Boston, preparing to enter the School of Technology; Marion Woodbury is studying at Lowell Commercial College and Pamelia Precious at the Boston Conservatory of Music.
The other five members are all engaged in gainful occupations, two at least with the purpose of specializing along lines which bid fair to win for them good success. These activities of young people just entering upon independent careers, show promise of usefulness which argues in favor of a high school education
William C. Roudenbush, Principal of Westford Academy
Annual Report Town of Westford, December 31, 1920, pg.14

Westford Academy Graduation Classes
1920 15 Students
1970 138 Students
2020 423 Students

Capture the Moment ~ Photo Contest

We are living through an historic moment, the first time in 100 years the world is under the threat of a global pandemic. Coming generations will want to know what life was like at this time. The Westford Historical Society has created a time capsule to be opened in May 2040 showing what life was like during this period. We are collecting images for the time capsule through a series of monthly photo contests. We will be asking each month for your photo submissions that reflect the things you are doing in Westford during this time. We will be judging photos submitted each month and posting the top three winners for the adult category and top three winners for the youth category. Judging will be based on originality, quality, and subject.

Photos must be taken in Westford MA.
Each photographer may enter a maximum of two photos.
All submissions must list the location where the photo was taken, descriptors such as the subject photographed, and a title.
Photographers consent to allowing the Westford Historical Society to use their photos on our website, across social media, in publications, and other materials.
Your photographs will be added to our Digital Time Capsule to be opened May 2040.
Submit photos as a high-resolution JPG/JPEG file.
Categories : youth 6-18, adults 19 and up

Submit entries via email to: director@museum.westford.org
Photo Contest submissions are due by 15th of each month.
First submissions are due June 15th

Notable of the Month

Lucinda Evelyn Prescott (1888-1976)

Lucinda “Cindy” was the daughter of Ebenezer of Josephine (Webster) Prescott and lived on the Prescott family farm at 180 Main Street, Chamberlain Corner, all of her life with her brother Ebenezer “Clyde” Prescott.

Cindy graduated from Westford Academy (Roudenbush) in 1907. Her graduation exercises were held at the Unitarian Church, today First Parish Church United, upstairs. Her class was the last one to have graduation exercises at the Church, the next were held at Town Hall. Right after graduation the alumni of Westford Academy had a graduation ball and dinner and it was free to the graduates.


On August 26, 1920 the 19th amendment was passed, and women gained the Right to Vote. Cindy, her mother Josie and cousin Mabel were 3 of 121 Westford women that registered to vote on August 28th of the same year. She asked her father, if he thought it was nice that women were going to vote, and he said, “In some ways I do and in some ways I don’t.” And went on to remind her that now she had the chance to vote, he hoped she would do it and not stay home. Cindy was a member of the First Parish Church and was a past master in lecture of the Westford Grange. She was lovingly called “Aunt Cindy” and will always be remembered for her delicious molasses cookies.

In 1974, June Kennedy interviewed Cindy and the full interview can be found in Mrs. Kennedy’s book, Westford Recollections of Days Gone By, available at the Westford Museum Store.

Tell us what you think

The Westford Historical Society is conducting a survey of its members and the community. The survey is 10 questions and will take just a few minutes to complete. You can access the survey here.

Living and working in a new way ~ Digital Time Capsule

What would you like your children and grandchild to remember or know about the COVID-19 pandemic? Share your reflections, adventures, pictures and videos, and with your permission, we will post them on our website. Then on December 31, 2020, we will lock your submissions away in a digital time capsule to be posted on the historical society’s website 20 years from now, May 2040. Your contribution to the time capsule does not need to be posted to our website at this time, but we would like to share it in 20 years, https://museum.westford.org/covid-19-digital-time-capsule/