Hidden History-Westford Museum/ Center Fire Station

Westford Museum Building

Westford Academy was founded in 1792 and this building was erected opposite the west end of Westford Common in 1794. The original granite step was placed in 1942 to mark the original site. In 1916, the building was moved to this location, renovated by Graniteville resident P. Henry Harrington and architect Harry B. Prescott and used as the Central Fire Station for the next fifty-eight years. The building housed the Edward M. Abbot Hose Co. 1, named for a Company lieutenant and prominent business owner who eventually became Westford’s second Fire Chief. After extensive restoration in 1975 by Nashoba Tech students, the building was dedicated as the Westford Museum on September 11, 1976.

Produced by Carter Purple of BSA Troop 159 as an Eagle Scout project (2021) for the Westford Historical Society