Featured Artifact of the Week

Glass Plate Negatives

These glass plate negatives capture a play at Healy Hall from over one-hundred years ago. The building was a popular meeting place for Graniteville residents at the time. It was located just south of the intersection of Broadway St and Cross St, accessible from Broadway, and likely around 2 Cross st. The Hall was named after its owner, local businessman John Austin Healy (1855-1942), who established the still in operation J.A Healy & Sons Oil Company in 1879 and J.A. Healy Sons Funeral Home in 1905. He was also captain of the local volunteer fire company.

The building present at 2 Cross St today was built in 1920 as the Abbot Worsted Hall, according to the American Legion Facebook page. The building was purchased in 1946 by the American Legion to become Post #159, later named in honor of Frederick Sullivan Healy. Frederick (1898-1944) was the son of John Healy, and severed in both World Wars, being listed as killed in action in 1944. He was a member of Post #159, as well as being a part of the family oil company and local fire company.

Glass Plate Negatives
Ca. 1900
5 x 4″