Westford has a long history in industry, with the earliest recorded granite quarrying beginning in 1826 on Oak Hill, near today’s Fletcher Granite company. Granite from here is known for its clean blue-gray appearance, “Chelmsford Gray.” The earliest operations occurred before the use of railroads, with the old horse and carriage at one point. Into the twentieth century, the two main areas for quarrying were Snake Meadow Hill in Graniteville and Oak Hill in Nabnasset. Nearly half of the active quarries in town were on Snake Meadow Hill by 1911. Snake Meadow Hill operations slowly wound down by the late nineteenth century. The sole remaining quarry in town is off Oak Hill. It is owned by the Fletcher Granite Company, founded by H.E. Fletcher in 1881. Fletcher’s Chelmsford Gray is found in found in town and elsewhere in the country.