John D. Long as a senior at Harvard one year before began teaching at Westford Academy

pastel portrait of Gov. John D LongThe portrait of John D. Long after he was Governor. This is the portrait that will be restored.

Good news! We have raised the funds to have the portrait restored!  Thank yous go to Westford Family FunFest Foundation, Methuen Festival of Trees Foundation and  many individual donors. We have learned more about the piece as work has begun. The portrait is actually a photograph with pastel pigments applied on top. A technique used in early days of black and white photography to make the the portrait more lifelike. It was made by a prestigious portrait studio in Boston in 1899. The artist is James E. Purdy "The famous Boston photographic artist, who has undoubtedly taken more portraits of really distinguished statesmen, authors, educators, artists, clergymen, diplomats, journalists and persons eminent in various professions than any photographer in New England."(more information about the famous studio can be found here Town Report of 1900 says that "colored crayon portraits" of Long and Horton were donated by Mr. Cameron and intended for the Academy.  We are excited to return the portrait to its intended place of residence in the newly renovated exhibit about Westford Academy due to open October this year.