Featured Artifacts of the Week

Town Hall Sign (Pieces)

Five pieces of wood letters, with gold leaf, blown off the Westford Town Hall during the hurricane that came through on Sept. 21, 1938. The hurricane was one of the most destructive in the history of the region. As well as the letters, the Town Hall’s original, rectangular tower was blown off into the common. The tower was replaced by the circular, Colonial Revival style present today. Reported damage to the town cost $3,212 (over $67,000 today). The federal Works Progress Administration aided in the recovery efforts, reducing the costs by about a third. Overall cost to the state was around $100 million, or over $2 billion today. The postcard, used as a reference here, was printed around 1910 in Germany.

Letters — W.1983.31.4a-e
Postcard — W.1998.33b