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Postcard featuring the Nabnassett Inn from around 1940, located at 4 Nabnasset St. The Inn existed from 1934 to 1945. Prior to 1934, what became the Inn was on Nabnassett Pond Farm, which was originally owned by textile manufacturer George Clifford Moore (1848-1923). The Inn hosted a variety of events, such as banquets, concerts, and Halloween parties. By 1940, it was under new management.

The property was associated with the Lake Shores Realty Company, which developed the lake area from around 1933 to the 1950s. As such, the Inn connected with the Lake Shore Theater (1934-1938), Nabnassett Lake Shores (a residential development advertised as the “Summer Colony”), and still existing Nabnasset Lake Country Club. The Inn was sold for $8,900 in 1946, with the adjoining golf course a specific selling point.


Note: Nabnasset, likely based on the Algonquian word Nabanussuck, usually was spelled with a second “T” into the 1960s